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                          Jr. Dragster Program 2002 - 2007

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Bracket Masters Racing Team sponsored a Jr. Dragster program from 2002 through 2007 for drivers, 8 -16 years of age. The program was discontinued at the end of the 2007 racing season. The team Jr. Dragster is in the process of being sold.

During the time the program was in existence, several kids that had relatives that were members of Bracket Masters Racing Team (BMRT) were allowed to drive the team car. The children were required to become members of the NHRA Jr. Dragster League. and to follow the rules of that organization.  They were required to have consent of their parents. They had to have a signed Parents Permission Form on file at NHRA. 

Children participating in our Jr. Dragster Program were required to have a combined GPA, equal to or greater than 2.5, and have good conduct.

The main thrust of the program taught children the different "systems" that make up a car.  We taught them how to maintain and repair a car.  We taught them the many careers associated with the automobile industry.  We instilled in them that there is more to a car than just driving. 

NHRA, in partnership with the U. S. Army, has developed Youth & Education Services (YES) programs that uses Drag Racing as a powerful learning tool.  YES is being used in classrooms across the United States.  Educators, from elementary schools, through universities, incorporate the programs developed by NHRA into their lesson plans.   More than 200,000 students have been involved in trackside activities or classroom programs developed by YES.  
YES training materials were used in the Glen Oaks High School Auto Technology Program as well as Zachary High School's and Prescott Middle School Career Day Programs.

Career Paths
It takes many types of engineers, biologist, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and other disciplines to build an automobile.  In engineering alone there are mechanical, electrical, industrial, chemical and design engineers involved with making the automobile a reality.  The after-the-sale people involved in the automobile industry are just as diverse.  Insurance people, financial personnel, paint and body people, auto drivers school teachers, auto repair people and engine builders, service station attendants, chassis builders and welders, just to name a few.  The oil industry almost exists to supply the needs of the transportation industry.  This is the focus of our Jr. Dragster program, not just the driving.   

Bracket Masters Racing Team has been chosen by NHRA to take part in delivering information from their Youth & Educational Services (YES) program to the youth of our area.  The YES program takes into account all the things mentioned above and puts it into a format that can be taught in High Schools and Elementary Schools.   Members of Bracket Masters go into schools and take part in Career Day Programs and deliver the YES educational materials along with showing the YES video.  We take two or more team cars and show the many systems that are needed to drive the cars.  We also point out the many different craftsman that are necessary to construct the race cars.  We point out the careers necessary to operate a successful racing organization along with the education necessary to achieve success in those fields. 

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Costs to Race A Jr. Dragster 
An entry level Jr. Dragster cost approximately $4,000.00  Safety equipment for each child costs approximately an additional $250.00.  Additional accessories for maintenance push the total cost to around $5,000.00, to run and maintain one Jr. Dragster.  

The following businesses and individuals made donations to the BMRT Jr. Dragster Program:

Harley-Davison Motorcycle Club of Baton Rouge - Mr. Mike Ross and the Harley Club recently donated a complete drivers suit, with a full set of safety equipment, to the son of a U.S. Army serviceman who is currently stationed in Kuwait.  The young man will be outfitted and will obtain his drivers certification to be able to drive the Jr. Dragster.  Thank You Harley Club!  

Mr. Mike Ross, of the Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club, donated a Go-Kart that can be used to tow the Jr. Dragster back to pit area after a run.  We have also used the Go-Kart to train our drivers on the starting line at the track.!  

James Moore - Donated ALL of the oil that the Jr. Dragster will need.  Thanks to Mr. James Moore. 

Benny's Automotive 9252 Mammoth Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70814 (225) 925-9051.  Benny Smith, 2001 Sponsor of Louisiana Drag Classic Jr. Dragster Class, has donated a full set of safety equipment to Josh Collins for use while competing in the Bracket Masters Jr. Dragster.  The beautiful outfit has Josh's name embroidered on the front of the jacket and Benny's Automotive Logo on the back.  Thanks to Benny's for the donation and continued support over the past three years.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Keith's Pro Paint & Body, 9950 Hooper Rd, Baton Rouge, LA (225) 262-9000, painted the BMRT Jr. Dragster.   BMRT Says Thanks To Keith and the Staff at Keith's Pro Paint & Body!  The excellent  paint job was donated by Keith. 

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