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Bracket Masters Racing Team has established a working relationship with the Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech program.   We are introducing the NHRA Youth & Educational Services (YES) program to the students in this fine program.  

The Glen Oaks High Auto Technician Program is one of a kind in the state of Louisiana.  The program one of two National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF) certified programs in the state and the only certified program in the city of Baton Rouge, LA.  Certification allows students to become certified technicians and will provide partnerships for the program with motor companies such as Ford, Chrysler-Benz and General Motors.

The facilities are great.  Many, many auto mechanics could only dream of having the test equipment, space, lifts, alignment equipment, welding machines and plasma cutters that reside in this classroom and shop.  There are 8 bays.  The school owns at least 4 vehicles.  The students use these vehicles for hands on repair and diagnostic troubleshooting.  These are not junkers, but late model SUV's, Diesel Engine automobiles, Vans and regular automobiles that have been donated by various dealerships in the Baton Rouge area.  

The Glen Oaks High School principal, Mr. Wilbert August, asked the team to put on a car show for the whole school.  During the past four years, Bracket Masters has put on a car show each year on the front lawn of the school.  Team cars, supplemented by a teachers hot Mustang and the teams Jr. Dragster.  The majority of the team members came to support the event talk to the students about careers available in the automotive field. 

Each class we interface with is very well mannered and eager to learn.  The young people answer questions and are quick to offer their prospective.  Manners and social interaction are stressed in the automotive technology classes.  It is a pleasure to observe the eagerness to learn that the students display in the program.   Auto Tech Program

MrLyons.jpg (40580 bytes) Mr. Lyons attending a BMRT Meeting.   

2/9/03 - Students from Mr. Lyons Auto Tech II class at Glen Oaks High School (GOHS) and their parents were present.  Bracket Masters Racing Team will take 4 young men to the Spring Nationals in Baytown on April 11, 2003.  They are guests of the National Hot Rod Associations "Career Education Day" at Houston Raceway Park.  While there, they are to take part in seminars highlighting careers available in the racing field and automobile industry. They will observe Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock qualifying.  
The students and parents present were: Kendrick Lemon (Mrs. Sharon L. Neapollioun & Mr. Lumon M. Neapollioun), Leon Morris, Jr. (Mrs. Leatla Morris), Wilman Montgomery, Jr. (Mrs. Beverly Montgomery).  Dezmon Ellzey was not present, but was represented by his Mom, Mrs. Consuella M. Ellzey Jacobs. 
Mr. Lyons, the parents and students spoke to the team on the impact the Auto Tech program has been on each of them, from the student prospective and the parents prospective.  They also talked about the effect Bracket Masters Racing Team involvement has been on their school activities. 
ParentsVisit.jpg (34082 bytes) Parents2.jpg (34345 bytes)  
Mr. Lyons was presented with a BMRT Red Satin Jacket with his name, and a team cap.  
LyonsHouston.jpg (40406 bytes)
      MrMrsLyons.jpg (34346 bytes) Mr. & Mrs. Lyons
Mayor Bobby Simpson of Baton Rouge will visit the GOHS Auto Tech program on Feb. 26, 2003 to observe the fine program at the school.  Mr. Willie Beathley of BMRT arranged for the visit. 

2/10/03 - NHRA has contacted BMRT and they will allow us to take students from the Glen Oaks Auto Tech Program to the Spring Nationals "Career Day" in Baytown, TX (This is an annual event and we will be allowed to attend each year).  The young people will be allowed to "Job Shadow" the different professionals in the racing community to learn the careers available in the racing profession.  This dovetails with the tape, "Careers At The Starting Line" that is a part of the Youth & Education Services (YES) program curriculum that we are using in the class room.  The trip is scheduled for April 11, 2003.  Transportation will be funded by Bracket Masters Racing Team, the admissions for the young people and instructors will be free, courtesy of NHRA.  While there the youth will observe qualifying sessions for the 325 MPH Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Bike.  These are the professional categories of NHRA drag racing.   

2/26/03 - Baton Rouge Mayor, Bobby Simpson Visited Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech Program.  (Click To See Mayor's Page)

3/19/02 - Responding to a request of the East Baton Rouge School Board, , Mr. Houston Hawkins, Mrs. Marva Hawkins and Mr. Skip Holbert took two cars to Zachary High School's Career Day.  Six, 40 min. presentations on the Youth & Education Services program were made by Mr. Holbert and Mrs. Hawkins to the groups.  Each presentation included a portion of the NHRA Video, "Careers At The Starting Line", and a brief tour of the race cars.  

This program incorporates our work with the school systems in our area, such as the East Baton Rouge School Board, the new Baker/Zachary School System, the West Baton Rouge School System along with church and community organizations in our area.  

4/9/03 - Bank One Community Relations Manager, Mrs. Mary Durusau toured the Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech. facility today.  As with everyone before her, she was impressed, first with the students, then with the instructor Mr. Lyons, and also with the high tech. equipment that the youth have to work with.  Team members on hand for the visit were: Mrs. Jerri Harris, Mr. Houston Hawkins, Mr. Skip Holbert and Mr. Reggie Jackson.  
 MrsDurusau1.jpg (38410 bytes)  MrsDurusau2.jpg (37007 bytes)

During the visit the students demonstrated repair and assembly of a engine starter to Mrs. Durusau.  She was also given a demonstration of a interactive DVD study program, using the segment on engine starter repair and troubleshooting, available to the students.  The Auto Tech program owns a complete library of DVD's on every automobile system and component repair.  Each DVD has a question and answer segment that tests the students understanding of the system or component.
MrsDurusau3.jpg (37108 bytes)
Feb. 2004 - Mrs. Durusau and Bank One donated 4 computers, which will be used in the Auto Tech Program.

The Auto Tech program has state-of-the-art automotive repair and diagnostic equipment.   As of the 2004-2005 school year, the classroom has eight new Dell computers for students use.  High Speed Internet Service is provided by Cox Communications.

March 2004, Bank One donated cash to fund scholarships for selected Glen Oaks Auto Tech Graduates.  The awards will be made on April 30, 2004 at the Senior Breakfast. 

A group of two parents, 6 students, one instructor and 5 BMRT members took a trip to Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, TX to attend "Career Day at the Track", sponsored by NHRA and the U. S. Army.  This is a part of the Youth & Education Services Program.  Baton Rouge SMART Program provided the transportation and the admissions were donated by the National Hot Rod Association.  We arrived at 8:45 AM and departed at 6:15 PM.  We had an excellent trip and experience.  Students attending were:  Nathaniel Breaux - Auto Tech I, Kendrick Lemon - Auto Tech II, Wilman Montgomery - Auto Tech II, Leonard Rodgers - Auto Tech II and Reginald Jackson, Jr. - GOHS Band Member (Photos)

Auto Tech program student recruitment was closely associated with GOHS Career Day.  There were representatives from Governor Mike Foster's office, Mr. Bob Israel of the Louisiana New Car Commission, and Mrs. Marva Hawkins of Bracket Masters Racing Team.  Mr. Israel and Mrs. Hawkins spoke to the group first, followed by Mr. Lyons and the principle, Mrs. Henry.  There were several parents of prospective students in attendance. 

All of the students in the Auto Tech Program wrote individual thank you letters to Bracket Masters, thanking us for taking them to the Spring Nationals in Baytown, TX.  They were all impressed with what they saw on the track, in the pits and during the presentations.  They were all awe-struck by the Top Fuel Dragsters ground pounding, earth shaking, power and noise!  They liked the precision teamwork of the Funny Car and Top Fuel teams as they got their cars ready for the next rounds (in 75 minuets).  Each student noted something about the trip that was a little different and all of the letters were written from the heart.  BMRT appreciates the gratitude shown by Wilman, Nathaniel, Leonard and Kendrick.  Mr. Lyons is already planning for the 2004 trip!  He was equally impressed. 

Willie Beathley donated a complete race car chassis, with roll bar, to the Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech Program.  The car is a 1976 full body Camaro.  Mr. Lyons is very excited at the thought of having a project car to work on.  As soon as the car arrived in the shop the boys started to work on getting it ready.  Willie hopes this is the start of race car building competition among the various high school auto tech programs in the city.  

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